LB-801: No Petroleum, No Toxic Chemicals, No Fountain Solution in the printing process… just plain tap water.

AC Graphics, the first printer in the Western Hemisphere to have this system in production.

It allows the dampening system to work with plain tap water!

For over 200 hundred years, since the invention of lithography, it was necessary to use petroleum,
acid and toxic chemicals...There is no need of any toxic chemicals anymore, just plain tap water.

It changes the molecular structure of water to imitate the effects of the chemicals.

The jobs print cleaner, sharper, better color, with less ink and press powder.

More posts with information about the LB-801 at the CGP BLOG

Benefits of printing with LB-801

• NO fountain solution 100% SAVINGS
• TOXIC contaminants FREE
• Higher QUALITY - sharper printed dots
• Print with LESS ink
• LESS drying time
• SAVE ENERGY on drying temperature
• LESS spray powder
• LONGER life of rollers and blankets
• SAVING $$!!!....SAVING the Planet!!!

Watch the Video: “NO fountain solution... less petroleum in the printing industry”
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