The main objective is to implement sustainable products, practices, and a commitment to corporate social responsibility.  A business without economic, ecological, and social goals will not survive in today’s green economy.

Becoming CGP certified increases revenue and decreases costs through green strategies, products, and processes.

Using the CGP logo will alert conscientious, eco-minded customers that your organization is complying
with its sustainable corporate, and social responsibilities.

The CGP certification program will identify products and practices that will save you money by
substituting toxic and harmful chemicals with eco-friendly products without compromising quality or cost.

By following the CGP guidelines on recycling, you will avoid expensive legal penalties. 
Example: Miami-Dade Chapter Section 15 Ordinance:  Sec. 15-2.3. …Every commercial establishment
shall provide for a recycling program, which shall be serviced by a permitted hauler or the appropriate governmental agency and shall include a minimum of three (3) materials of its choice selected from the
list provided…

Becoming CGP green certified puts you in the forefront of potential customers looking for products and organizations that abide by the “Triple Bottom Line”.

  • Social Media, CGP BLOG and CGP Calendar: CGP partner tools will assist you in announcing activities, new products, and introducing your green initiatives to your customers, prospects, and a whole new audience.
  • Email marketing:Now with over 15,000, and growing, Green Friends and Partners worldwide - CGP keeps everyone in contact with the latest in this green revolution.
  • Networking:  Green Expos, business and charitable events
  • Events: Opportunity to host your own events

Displaying the CGP logo on your collateral material is the decisive element to identify your organization’s commitment to protecting our environment, social and corporate responsibility.

Organizations around the world, and their stakeholders, are becoming increasingly aware of the need and benefits of socially responsible behavior. The objective of social responsibility is to contribute to sustainable development.

An organization’s operational performance in relation to society and their impact on the environment has become a critical part in measuring overall performance and ability to continue operating effectively. This is, in part, a reflection of the growing recognition and need to ensure healthy ecosystems, social equity, and good organizational governance. In the long run, all organizations activities depend on the health of the world’s ecosystems. Organizations are subject to greater scrutiny by their various stakeholders.

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