The “New Green Economy” has begun. ALL industries must be certified to meet the growing demand of your green-minded customers. Audited certification shows your commitment and helps shift your practices to be more environmentally friendly.

Part of the growing recognition is the need to ensure healthy ecosystems, social equity and good organizational governance. In the long run, all organizations activities depend on the health of the world’s ecosystems. Organizations are subject to greater scrutiny by their various stakeholders.

Certified Green Partners (CGP) has defined a standard of Green that does not compromise quality or cost. CGP Certification includes educating, evaluating, and continuous monitoring by a third-party auditor to ensure compliance. The following are some benefits of becoming CGP certified:
  • Official certification from a third-party independent auditor to be displayed in your office and in
  your company website
  • Educational seminar
  • Consulting, training, and monitoring when using:
  Certified paper
  Vegetable-based inks
  Recycling paper waste
  Outsourcing to another certified printer

• The right for “off-product” CGP logo with your certification number on your promotional, website and marketing collateral as per the CGP Logo Usage guide.

  • In-house print shop: The right for “on-product” CGP logo with your certification number with approved statement for your customers’ printed materials, as per the CGP Logo Usage guide, when using certified paper and vegetable-inks.
  • Evaluation, annual monitoring, and certification by a third-party auditor to ensure continuous compliance of the policies and guidelines
  • Social Media, CGP BLOG and CGP Calendar: CGP partner tools that will assist in announcing activities, new products and introducing their green initiatives to customers, prospects and audience.
  • Email marketing: Now with over 15,000, and still growing, Green Friends and Partners worldwide - CGP keeps everyone connected and working for the same cause. Your client base will increase as a result of the networking through Internet: CGP Blog, CGP Calendar and other Social Media strategies.
  • Opportunity to host an event: Certified Green Partners will assist you in hosting an event for certified businesses marketing purposes. Companies will be responsible for all costs incurred.
  • Consultation for complying with local ordinances resulting in expensive legal penalties
  • Networking opportunities through CGP-hosted local and international events
  • Access to CGP vendors providing environmentally responsible solutions

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