The CGP Green Economy GUIDE features tips to save up to 400% in products and processes replacing expensive toxic chemicals and practices
with environmentally friendly Green products.When you complete your
third-party audit you will receive one CGP Green Economy GUIDE as part
of the certification process.

offers a full range of sustainable products, services and green practices with easy to understand instructions and formulas on the following topics:
  • Energy, Heating & A/C
  • Water Conservation
  • Printing & Certified Paper
  • How to mix Chemical-free Cleaners
  • Pest Management
  • Site & Landscaping
  • Transportation
  • Construction & Renovation
  • Waste & Recycling
  …and much more to help you in your transition to a greener lifestyle.

CGP Green Economy GUIDE
will help your organization take a leadership position in meeting the growing environmental requirement for compliance specifically in the proper selection of materials, services and resources, water/energy conservation, indoor environmental quality, and innovations in design. Green initiatives implemented may result in credits towards the renewal certification.


  - Saves you money
  - Helps preserve natural resources
  - Makes greening businesses easy
  - Gives you the ideal green certification solution
Make the Transition from “thinking green” to “acting green”
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