Gus Casamayor, a reputable keynote speaker, focuses his presentations clearly on value as the approach to the “New Green Economy”. His communications are paramount for creating business values and sales while advocating for environmental responsibility. While his expertise in the printing industry spans four generations, he delivers a unique presentation inspiring his audience with his contagious passion and helps them change to a sustainable and greener lifestyle in all industries.
Going Green isn’t just a moral issue or a business decision, it’s a necessity. Casamayor will help you survive in a future that is quickly approaching. You can help yourselves and at the same time help our planet. Gus shares his experience and latest findings with diverse audiences ranging from kindergarten students, professors, government officials, and business leaders. Conducted throughout US, Europe, The Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean in the form of seminars with keynote, slides and videos make the message easy to understand and entertaining. His presentation transmits to his audience through his passion with a sense of urgency to help ourselves. He will explain the financial, social and corporate benefits of becoming certified.


Casamayor personally consults and trains your employees on the guidelines of certification. He makes it simple for you and your staff to understand the requirements and go through the process of certification. Gus will advise where and how to buy the right paper, eco-friendly products, services, and what to demand from your vendors.

To book Gus Casamayor for speaking engagements.

Call: 305-691-5103


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