Be Proactive. Get Ready for the NEW GREEN ECONOMY. Become certified by Certified Green Partners.

As consumers increasingly make choices based on environmental factors, operating a business in an eco-friendly way has become vital. 

Incorporating sound “green” policies in your business, regardless of its size, is a wise decision that will reflect on your bottom line.

BENEFITS are Financial, Marketing Strategies and Corporate Image and Social Responsibility

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Certified Green Partners (CGP) is an international, independent, non-governmental certification organization
advocating sustainable practices, products, and the commitment to corporate social responsibility.


All CGP certification program participants are required to undergo periodic, rigorous surveillance verifications
by independent third party accredited professionals who monitor ongoing compliance of the CGP standards.


The CGP certification program offers a comprehensive process that includes education in corporate consciousness.


Additionally, we will recognize all other certifications the organization might have.

We will also accredit those organizations that are dedicated to improving the built environment and continuously find innovative ways to achieve a more sustainable future.

The CGP integrated certification program is fast, affordable, and profitable.  

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