To Gus Casamayor in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month October 12, 2009.
“Many people in our society give of their time and talents, but some are shining
examples for all of us. Thank you Gus for being one of these special volunteers.”

Charlie Crist, Florida Governor, USA.
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GOVERNOR CRIST, his Cabinet and Sustainable Florida Collins Center in Tallahassee presented an award for protecting Florida’s economy and environment in Leadership to Gus Casamayor, Founder of Certified Green Partners. Augusto Casamayor has worked tirelessly to build his business while become a leader in his field.


PATRICIA ANDREU shows us how being eco-friendly is catching on and helping
the bottom-line. She learned that certified paper costs the same to produce and
saw the quality of the printing with vegetable inks... same cost and better quality. 


by Miami Herald’s Brenda Krebs
“...being Green doesn’t have to cost a dime more, the price and the quality is the
same, so why not do it?”
Two years ago, Hialeah printer learned that his industry is one of the most
environmentally unfriendly ones on the planet. Having cleaned up his act, he is on
a mission to convert other printers to green practices.


Paola Elorza reports how a Green printer can prevent deforestation and help the
environment with the same quality and cost... all Green!
“Acaba de nacer un nuevo concepto de la impresión gráfica y la papelería con el
cambio de una imprenta tradicional de 34 años de existencia a una imprenta
totalmente “verde”. Ellos se encargan de educar y certificar a otras compañías.”


Jackie Guerrido form Univision interviews Gus and his son Tico Casamayor and learns how being Green increases the bottom line as the quality stays the same.


Oralia Ortega from Channel 7 reports Gus Casamayor, founder of Certified Green Partners is working with other printers in South Florida to help them go Green and become certified.


The Second largest Spanish-language network in USA interviews Tico Casamayor, President of AC Graphics in Hialeah as he explains how being Green is not more costly and helps the bottom line.


People who made an impact in business, economy, science, environment,
government, education, sports, philanthropy, media and our fallen soldiers.
Gus Casamayor


Casamayor propone una “Cuarta Etapa”:
Por Iliana Lavastida Rodríguez


By Paul Brinkmann
Printer spreads enthusiasm for the environment “He learned the paper and the inks his shop used were harmful for the environment and decided to put a stop to it.”


by Begoñe Cazalis
“A printing company has gone Green after the owner had a life-changing experience with a Shaman in Ecuador...”

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