by Sustainable Florida Collins Center in Tallahassee Otis Wragg,III, past President of Sustainable Florida presents Gus Casamayor with “2008 Sustainable Leadership Award”

Paola Elorza reports about Al Gore, Bo Dereck
and Gus Casamayor Green initiatives to save our planet.

  Top 100 South Florida Small Businesses in 2009
ranked by: South Florida
Certified Green Partners & AC Graphics made
the Top 100 South Florida Small businesses:
The best of the best in an effort to greater
recognize their financial stability, their industry
achievements, and their contributions to their

  Going Green Promo
The importance of saving the forests and
preventing harmful gases reaching the
atmosphere by printing with certified paper and
vegetable inks.

  BlogTalkRadio Interview
Internet Radio Interview with Gus Casamayor,
founder of Certified Green Partners
by Nadine Patrice

  South Florida VOICES
We are quickly approaching a future where, no
matter what industry you’re in, you will to be
Certified Green just to be in business.

  WLRN Radio Interview
By Naila Boodhoo

Testimonials by Seminar Attendees
Green Paper, Green Inks, Cleaner World


If you have attended Casamayor seminars you
might see your picture in this slide show.


Saving $$, saving trees… Msgr Edward Pace High School “goes green” by recycling, and using “Green” paper, petroleum-free inks. Certified Green Partners is committed to eliminating the use of fossil fuels in
the printing, paper production and other industries in order to secure the well-being of future generations.


Leadership Best Practice Award winner Gus
Casamayor of Certified Green Partners. He
conducts seminars and invites his colleague
printers and encourages them become certified.
He shows them how certified paper, recycling
and vegetable-based inks help the environment
and increase their bottom line.


The Awareness Club, a group of students designed to promote social awareness at Monsignor Pace High School. AC Graphics educated them with eco-friendly alternatives: Certified instead of regular paper, Vegetable inks instead of petroleum and recycling all paper waste instead of throwing them in our already toxic landfills.


El alcalde de Hialeah Julio Robaina, reconocerá a Casamayor por convertir su empresa en recibir tres certificaciones ambientales en la Florida. Además, es la primera imprenta“verde” en Hialeah.



por Ileana Lavastida Rodríguez
“...está fuerte respaldado por Augusto IV, Tico, quien se encarga de los manejos de la empresa mientras su padre se entrega con verdadera pasión a preservar los árboles y al medio ambiente.”


KODAK’s One Magazine
“Casamayor has been recognized by the
Governor of Florida for his efforts to advocate and educate about sustainable strategies and reduce the impact on the environment while simultaneously delivering high-quality , successful print communications.”


QUE PASA Magazine
“When the Student is ready, the teacher
appears. “My teachers are the trees, which are vital to our health and are also a major factor in the prevention of global warming.”


Gov CRIST and his Cabinet
Governor Charlie Crist, Alex Sink–CFO, Bill
McCollum–Attorney General, Charles H.
Bronson–Commissioner of Agriculture
presented Gus Casamayor with Sustainable
Florida Leadership Award.


Los Casamayores vuelven su empresa “verde”.
Ahora ellos usan papel certificado de bosques
sustentados y imprime con tinta vegetal


por Ileana Lavastida Rodríguez
Mas que un llamado, una necesidad…
Reconciliamos con la naturaleza… Volver el
rostro a la naturaleza de los recursos que hemos abusado y por nuestra superviviencia misma.


American Printer Magazine
EE Awards by Kodak. No force is more effective in facilitating change than passion. Kodak’s customer with a passion for growing their business while making the world a better place for future generations.


A Green certified printer ensures to his customers that the paper it uses comes from well-managed forests and is manufactured by companies that adhere to the strict to socioeconomic standards through a Chain-of-Custody.


KODAK Magazine
“I want to show other printers that achieving
sustainability doesn’t have to cost more. In fact, the the right planning and the right resources, printers can save money, increase quality, and still do their part to protect the environment.” – Gus Casamayor, Founder, Certified Green Partners


Miami Lakes resident Gus Casamayor honored by Hialeah Chamber as the “2008 Business of the Year Award”. Casamayor’s mission has not stopped in Hialeah or Florida. His seminars have been heard in Puerto Rico, Spain, Ecuador, Egypt and Dubai.

  CRE Satelital
Radio Station in Ecuador; Bosco Alcivar Duenas interviews Gus Casamayor and was transmitted to their Spanish speaking audience worldwide. (1hr)

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