Natural Disasters can occur anytime in any place of the world. When they do, the world responds to
provide assistance to those afflicted by the tragedy. It is understood that assistance interacts and works
directly with the local heroes involved in positive work. Traditionally, we can map out this assistance in
three stages:

FIRST STAGE TRIAGE – In this early stage first responders come to the affected areas…
SECOND STAGE CLEAN-UP – This stage calls for volunteers to assist in disposing of waste safely…
THIRD STAGE REBUILDING – Reconstructing damaged buildings and structures, roads, etc.
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“I am proposing that there be a fourth stage that will prove to be environmentally, fiscally and socially responsible. This is a Stage that looks to the future promoting strong interaction between locals and foreign experts in all areas of forestry, environment, agriculture, energy, science, education, development and construction, etc…”
Gus Casamayor, Founder
Certified Green Partners
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FOURTH STAGE SOVEREIGNTY – Independency & Self-sufficiency:
Using global expertise to ensure that the local population is given the opportunity to be self-sufficient and the capability to go forth on their own.

CGP’s goal is to find enterprises to establish businesses in Haiti. They will use their expertise and a plan to develop emerging markets with the purpose of making profits and educating Haitians to be their workforce.
Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) in return will offer the protection, support and guidance to the business be a profitable and sustainable venture for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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THE PLAN REFORESTING HAITI, the capital of certified timber
Because historically Haiti has been devoid of natural resources, it follows that the locals do not have the
knowledge of how well managed natural resources add to the economic sustainability of a population.
The fourth stage is focused on using the environment and replenished natural resources to create jobs
and ignite the spark that will enlighten and empower the Haitian people to manage their own destiny. The
introduction of reforestation as a natural resource should be flanked by the instruction to the use of clean
energy, recycling waste materials and production of eco-friendly products.
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